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Top Enemies of Asphalt Pavement in Vegas

Asphalt pavement creates a durable structure with an attractive, smooth surface. It is extremely suitable for a variety of applications, including roadways and parking lots. Proper construction is important to ensure the dependability of the finished product. However, even a meticulously constructed asphalt pavement will require routine pavement maintenance to maximize its useful life and […]

What an HOA Should Look for in an Asphalt Maintenance Contractor

Homeowner associations often provide a range of amenities and services. However, two critical functions of an HOA are to help protect property values and to ensure that the community provides an attractive, safe, and enjoyable environment for residents and their families. In most communities with an HOA, the HOA is responsible for maintaining the neighborhood’s […]

Guide To An Effective Parking Lot Design

Every business owner understands the benefits of a safe, well-maintained, visually appealing parking lot. When you had your parking lot built, you and your paving contractor discussed the types of vehicles you planned to permit on your pavement and their expected number. Your contractor took this information to determine the correct thickness of the asphalt […]

What Property Mangers Can Do With A Limited Asphalt Repair Budget

A neglected asphalt parking lot will be uninviting to potential customers and other visitors. Being proactive about caring for your pavement and adhering to a well-designed asphalt maintenance program can help minimize costly asphalt pavement repairs. Regular preventive maintenance can extend the life of the pavement and substantially reduce overall cost. It is far more […]

Is Speed Bumps Installation Necessary for Asphalt Parking Lots?

Speed bumps control the speed of motorists and increase driver awareness, and they are intended to help protect both pedestrians and property. Parking lots without speed bumps often have a higher occurrence of pedestrian injuries due to uncontrolled vehicle speeds. Excessive speeds also increase the possibility of damage to your property and collisions between vehicles. […]

Is the lowest Sealcoating bid always the best?

Keeping your asphalt pavement properly sealed throughout its life is vitally important to ensure that you are protecting your investment. Asphalt sealants help protect the pavement from premature aging caused by the sun and structural deterioration caused by automotive fluids. Moisture can easily enter the aging, unprotected pavement and cause damage all the way down […]

Can You Sealcoat in Extreme Heat?

Weather plays an important part in all types of asphalt paving services. In some parts of the country, there may be snow on the ground throughout the entire winter season. Other areas can see daily thunderstorms for weeks at a time. One thing that all asphalt contractors know is that extreme heat also presents specific […]

Why Is Asphalt Crack Repair Important?

There are two common methods used in the repair of cracks that develop in asphalt pavement. The method used will primarily depend on the stability of the crack. Stable cracks, or nonworking cracks as they are referred to within the industry, are best repaired by the application of an asphalt emulsion material. This method is […]

Signals That You Need Parking Lot Striping

A large part of any parking lot maintenance program should be the attention given to traffic markings. Parking lot markings include more than the striping that creates the stalls indicating where vehicles should park. Other markings safely and efficiently direct the flow of traffic into, around, and out of the parking lot. Areas where parking […]

Difference Between Slurry Seals and Sealcoating

Although the purpose of an asphalt pavement slurry seal and sealcoating are similar, there are definite differences between the two. Most of the differences are related to the intended use of the asphalt pavement on which the sealant will be applied. Both types of asphalt sealing are designed and engineered for specific uses. Technically, either […]

What Makes Us Different? | Asphalt Sealcoating

The proper formulation and application of asphalt sealcoating is both a science and an art. A professional sealcoating contractor will possess the knowledge and experience to prepare the proper sealcoating mixture and then utilize the necessary application processes for each individual job. Many factors will need to be considered to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting […]

What Does a Properly Maintained Asphalt Parking Lot Look Like?

The parking lot is often the first thing noticed by visitors when they arrive on your property. Having a clean, attractive, well-maintained parking lot gives visitors a favorable first impression. Fortunately, maintaining the integrity and appearance of your asphalt parking lot can be a relatively simple process. Routine maintenance will provide the opportunity to visually […]

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips – Removing Oil Stains

Preserving the appearance and integrity of your asphalt parking lot can easily be achieved by performing all necessary paving maintenance as quickly and professionally as possible. Experienced Las Vegas paving contractors recommend having a preventive maintenance program in place that includes the efficient removal of any oil stains. Oil left on the surface of asphalt […]

What Could Be Damaging Your Asphalt? | Las Vegas

Because asphalt pavement is economical and durable, it has become an extremely popular choice for parking lots, city streets, major highways and a variety of other types of paving projects. Despite its potential longevity, however, asphalt pavement will eventually deteriorate. In fact, the process of deterioration begins as soon as the pavement is installed, A […]

Is Your Asphalt Parking Lot Legal?

The Americans with Disabilities Act, more commonly known as the ADA, is a comprehensive set of federal laws. These regulations make it illegal to discriminate against those with disabilities in matters related to housing, employment and education. The ADA also states that virtually every public and commercial facility must provide designated parking spaces as well […]

When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season? | Las Vegas

Periodic applications of fresh sealant should be part of your routine parking lot maintenance. Sealants are economical, but they are a highly effective way to protect asphalt pavement from the sun’s rays, automotive fluids, hot summer temperatures and other things that can damage your pavement. They are also an excellent way to bring back the […]

Asphalt Maintenance Budget Tips | Property Management

If you are a property manager, just dealing with emergencies, tenant requests and staff members can take up a lot of your time. You may be so busy that you feel you have no time to worry about maintaining the parking lot that an asphalt company installed a few years ago. If a pothole forms, […]

Why Surface Prep Is Key in Pavement Marking

Parking lot striping is not simply a matter of splashing on a little paint. The surface must be properly prepared if the job is to be durable and attractive. To understand the concept, pour some oil or sand on a piece of tape, and then try to get the tape to stick to a hard […]

What Is the Best Way to Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars?

When you hired an asphalt contractor to build your new parking lot, street or other pavement, you were probably given an estimated life expectancy for your new investment. However, that estimate was based on the assumption that the new pavement would receive the right maintenance throughout its life. Problems often arise because property owners are […]

How Do the Las Vegas Seasons Affect Your Asphalt Pavement?

When most people think about severe weather causing damage to asphalt pavement, they envision a winter scene that features a roadway covered by several inches of ice and with snow piled up on both shoulders. Although Las Vegas once received 12 inches of snow, that was in 1909, and since then, measurable accumulations have been […]

How Long Does Asphalt Striping Paint Take to Dry?

Your asphalt parking lot is vital to your business. Your customers, employees, vendors and guests need a secure location to park their vehicles, but there is more to your parking lot than merely a spot for them to store their cars temporarily. If the parking lot is in poor repair, they will not find it […]

Parking Lot Signs – Ready for a Facelift?

Businesses should never underestimate the role that a well-kept, attractive, and easy-to-navigate parking lot plays in their success. Asphalt sealcoating contractors help prolong the life of parking lots and make them more attractive. Striping services help keep parking space stripes and pavement markings highly visible to improve both the safety and the appearance of parking […]

Five Mistakes You May See From a Sealcoating Contractor

If you are responsible for the health of the pavement on your property, you probably know that asphalt sealcoating can transform a gray, faded pavement into one that has a beautiful, even, dark appearance. You may also be aware that sealcoating helps extend the expected life of asphalt pavement or that it is an economical […]

Asphalt Sealcoating & Winter Construction

Many Las Vegas residents claim that autumn is their favorite season. The scorching heat of summer fades, the air is not quite as dry, and the evenings are conducive to outdoor activities. However, if the seal coating on your asphalt parking lot needs attention, you might want to consider scheduling the work before winter arrives. […]

What Property Managers Should Know About Asphalt Crack Repair

If you are a property manager, you have to juggle many tasks to meet the expectations of owners and shareholders. You are expected to keep current tenants and their customers happy by providing a safe, well-maintained property. You are expected to attract new, high-quality tenants. You are also expected to protect the owners’ assets so […]

Asphalt Sealcoating | Getting The Benefits From Your Sealcoating

Sealcoating benefits asphalt pavement in several ways, including protecting the pavement from sun damage, making the pavement more attractive and guarding against petrochemical spills. Although asphalt sealcoating is very economical, you still want to ensure that it has a long life if you want to have the maximum protection for your pavement. Here are some […]

The Operating Cost of Asphalt Maintenance

Mechanics know that unless a vehicle receives proper maintenance, the owner will be facing a massive repair bill while the car is still relatively new. For example, if the owner never changes the oil or ensures that the radiator has sufficient water, a replacement engine could be lurking on the horizon. If he does not […]

How Effective Is Asphalt Crack Sealing?

Asphalt pavement is extremely economical, remarkably durable and aesthetically appealing. However, it is inevitable that cracks will appear at some point during the pavement’s life. If the cracks are caused by flaws in the materials or construction, they can appear soon after the pavement is installed. Overweight vehicles or excessive traffic can also contribute to […]

Asphalt Maintenance Tips – How to Keep My Pavement Clean

Asphalt pavement can provide many years of service, but it must be properly maintained if it is to reach its full life expectancy. When many people think of asphalt maintenance, they think of crack repairs, new parking lot striping or pothole repairs. Although all of these are important parts of a parking lot maintenance program, […]

Can Asphalt Striping Be Removed?

Asphalt contractors frequently need to remove the old paint before applying fresh stripes and pavement markings. Removal of the old stripes is critical if the layout of the parking lot must be changed to make the property ADA-compliant, change the angle of the parking spaces or alter the direction of travel in the traffic lanes. […]

Cost Factors For Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating is an important part of routine maintenance for asphalt pavement. Paving companies advise that the average parking lot will need to have fresh sealant applied every two to three years, but pavement that receives a high volume of traffic or that supports heavyweight vehicles may need annual sealcoating. Although professional sealcoating is quite […]

How Property Managers Can Plan for Sealcoating

Property managers understand the importance of perception. If a property lacks curb appeal or seems to be poorly maintained, the perception may be that you do not care about the happiness and safety of your tenants and their guests. If your asphalt pavement is in poor condition, the perception may be that you are not […]

Can You Sealcoat in Hot Weather?

The companies that manufacture sealcoating advise that the best time to apply their products is when the temperature is around 70 degrees and the humidity is less than 60 percent. The sealant also needs to receive three to six hours of sunlight. In the Vegas area, the humidity and sunlight are not a problem for […]

Asphalt Sealcoating: Is An Aggregate Necessary?

Asphalt pavements in the Las Vegas area are subjected to a high level of ultraviolet radiation that can rob pavements of their dark color as well as their moisture. Asphalt sealcoating refreshes the color, helps stop the penetration of automotive fluids and helps prevent asphalt pavements from becoming dry and brittle. However, a great sealcoating […]

Can You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?

Although asphalt pavement is economical, it still represents a significant investment in what should be a long-lasting asset. Whether you are having new pavement installed, cracks in your pavement repaired or your parking lot sealed, you need a trustworthy asphalt contractor to ensure the longevity and quality of the work. If you are ready to […]

Parking Lot Striping – Scenarios To Consider

Many things seem simple until you actually try to do them for the first time. Striping a parking lot is one of these tasks that are far more complicated than they appear to the uninitiated. Seasoned striping contractors will not allow you to worry about ADA guidelines, maximizing your parking lot or the safety features […]

Sealcoating – Why May Is Ideal in Las Vegas

When it comes to extending the life of your asphalt pavement, there is no routine maintenance procedure that will be more beneficial than having sealcoating applied by a professional. Sealcoating blocks the UV rays that can rob your pavement of its moisture and leave it brittle. It also gives you an extra layer of protection […]

Asphalt: Recreational & Industrial Uses

When many people consider the various ways that asphalt pavement is used, they think of streets, residential driveways and parking lots. However, asphalt is a popular choice for many other applications. Asphalt can be used to waterproof basements, deter erosion or waterproof the foundations of commercial and residential structures. Asphalt pavement is also widely used […]

Asphalt Sealcoating & Windy Conditions

Periodic applications of asphalt sealcoating can help prevent asphalt pavement from deteriorating prematurely, enhance the pavement’s appearance and prevent many costly repairs. However, there are days that are simply not conducive to applying sealants. Most people understand that sealcoating cannot be applied while it is raining, and they typically understand that it can be too […]

Importance of Traffic Signs & Road Markings

If you have ever driven on an unmarked highway, you no doubt noticed that it was often difficult to judge the position of your own vehicle. Whether cars were approaching toward you or passing you, you may have experienced a moment of uncertainty while you tried to determine the path of the other vehicles and […]

Asphalt Crack Repair – Hot & Cold

When cracks develop in asphalt pavement, it is imperative to have them repaired as quickly as possible. Chemicals, automotive fluids and water can enter through the open crack, causing more damage to the pavement and its base. As a result, you could end up having to replace your pavement many years sooner than anticipated. When […]

Asphalt Maintenance & Tire Scuffing

Although Affordable Striping & Sealing does not install asphalt pavement, we frequently receive calls from people who are concerned about scuff marks on their new pavement. They wonder whether we can cover the marks with asphalt sealcoating or have some secret formula to remove them. We usually advise them to just wait a while. Tire […]

Asphalt Sealcoating: Causes & Failures

If you want your asphalt pavement to have a long life, sealcoating offers you an economical and effective way to achieve your goal. However, despite sealcoating’s relatively low cost, you still want your sealant to last as long as possible. After all, you chose to have sealcoating applied to protect and beautify your pavement. If […]

Asphalt Maintenance & Winter Paving

If you live in the Las Vegas area, you know that the winters are typically rather mild. On average, overnight lows drop below freezing only 16 times per year, and it is a rare day when temperatures do not exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit at some point during the day. Given the climate, some people are […]

Sealcoating – Understanding Quality

To the untrained eye, seal coating may seem like a simple procedure. Many people compare sealcoating to painting a wall in a home’s living room — just move everything out of the way, slap on a coat and let it dry. However, any professional painter will tell you that the process is a bit more […]

Las Vegas Pavement – Driving Hazards

In the Las Vegas Valley, many residents welcome the arrival of autumn as it means relief from the brutal summer temperatures that typically reach triple digits. Average daytime highs begin dropping in late September, making October and November ideal months for outdoor activities. Despite the mild climate, however, autumn can hold a few surprises for […]

ADA Parking Lot Violations

When the Americans with Disabilities Act became law in 1990, one of its sections required that most businesses remove barriers that might prevent handicapped individuals from accessing their buildings. The law covered aspects such as dedicated accessible parking, accessible routes into the building and potential fines for failure to comply with the ADA. The law […]

Asphalt Pavement & Cleaner Air

It may be surprising to learn that the choice of paving materials can affect the quality of the air, but it is true. This fact is of particular importance in cities where a high percentage of the land area is paved. Here are some of the ways that asphalt pavement & cleaner air makes a […]

Parking Lot & Marking Change Design

Your parking lot is the gateway to your business. It is the first thing that most people notice when they approach or pass by your property, so it is important to ensure that your lot makes a positive first impression. Once customers or guests have entered your lot, it is also important that they are […]

Sealcoating in October | Las Vegas, NV

It seems that as soon as the new school year begins, contractors across the nation see an increase in phone calls from people wondering whether it is possible to apply asphalt sealcoating in the fall. The answer depends on the local climate. For example, in Las Vegas, it is usually possible to apply sealcoating throughout […]

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