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Our Team

Owner/President – Shonda Decker

Shonda was born in Anchorage, AK, was raised in a small town in Kansas and has been in the Las Vegas area since 1990. Shonda is passionate about the people that matter to her. Her employees, her customers, her vendors and the community make up this list. Shonda has been in the construction field for over 20 years and opened Affordable Striping & Sealing in 2006. Shonda’s approach to every job is to treat it as her own. She is constantly looking at ways to improve her business processes, how to better serve her customers and community and how to be the best employer out there. She is a middle child from a family of 6 and loved summers spent camping and driving around the country. Shonda enjoys hiking, camping and traveling both domestically and internationally. She is the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters.

Operations Manager – Jennifer Sherratt

Jennifer was born in Southern Utah and has been in the Las Vegas area since 2016. She has lived in several different states including Arizona, North Carolina and Montana. Jennifer joined the Affordable Striping & Sealing family in 2018. She has spent the last 20 years in different areas of management. In 2012 Jennifer was awarded the Distinguished Graduate award from The Institutes with the highest cumulative score for that year. Jennifer is a foodie and loves cooking & baking as well as going out to eat. She likes to eat different kinds of food and is always in the mood for a cheeseburger. Gourmet cupcakes are her favorite treat to make although she doesn’t like to eat cake. As soon as Jennifer travels to Alaska & Alabama, she will have visited all 50 states. Hawaii is her favorite vacation destination. Jennifer enjoys working out, hiking, reading and traveling. Most of her travel now is to visit her children in Utah and Montana.

Estimator/Sales Account Manager – William E Edlen III

Bill was born in Southern California and moved into the Las Vegas area in 2004. He has been in the striping industry for over 24 years, with over 15 years in a supervisory position. Bill moved from the field in 2017 and was previously the Striping Project Manager. Bill moved to the role of Estimator/Sales Account Manager in 2019. Bill can currently be found working on home improvement projects or under the hood of a car. Bill’s three favorite things in life are his family, cars and guitars.

Striping Project Manager – Dylan McMurray

Dylan was born in Vegas and except for a couple of years in Ely, was raised here. He rejoined the Affordable Striping & Sealing family in 2018. Dylan has been the Job Coordinator since September 2018 and has been in the industry since 2013. One of the biggest projects that Dylan has worked on is the button replacement at Las Vegas Boulevard & Flamingo for NASCAR weekends. He is currently working on the Reverence project with the custom signs and poles. Dylan’s favorite vacation spot is in Salt Lake City where he enjoys the snow and the winter activities that are available. He enjoys visiting lakes, kayaking, hiking, and riding dirt bikes. Dylan is proud of his Mustang 5.0 that he rebuilt from the ground up and is currently working on lifting his Dodge Ram. He is looking forward to one day visiting Ireland. Dylan is the proud father of a son and daughter.

Estimator/Sales Account Manager – Russell K Martino (Kim)

Kim was born in Northern California and moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1978. He has been in the estimating field since 1985. Kim joined the Affordable Striping & Sealing family in 2017. Kim won an award for selling the most bumper blocks in a year. If lined up end to end, the bumper blocks would reach from San Diego, CA to New York City and back. Kim has 5 children and 7 grandchildren that he enjoys spending time with in Colorado, Ohio, Oregon and Nevada. At home his golden retriever, Gracie, makes sure that she takes Kim on a walk every morning at 5:00 am. The 3 cats are more relaxed showing Kim what retired life is going to be like in a few short years. Kim has great stories to share about his ancestors, early life, children and grandchildren. He can always be found in Hawaiian style shirts.

Sales Account Manager – Michael J McCord

Mike was born in Montgomery County, PA and moved to the Las Vegas area in 2003. He has been in the sales industry since 1992 and has been providing sales estimates for parking lot and road maintenance since 2013. He joined the Affordable Striping & Sealing family in 2015 as a Sales Account Manager. Mike enjoys traveling and his favorite spot is either Cabo San Lucas or Newport, RI. Traveling to Spain is still on his bucket list. Mike first started traveling when he joined the United States Marine Corp in 1977. His last position with the Marines as an E7 Gunnery Sergeant was in 1989. When Mike isn’t working he enjoys having cookouts and his grilled steaks are a frequent request from friends. He also enjoys fly-fishing in Whitefish, MT and the High Sierra’s, bone-fishing in the Bahamas and off-roading in Glamis Dunes, CA.

Estimator/Sales Account Manager – Jeffrey L Machado (Jeff)

Jeff was born in Southern California and has also lived in Arizona, Hawaii, and Northern Nevada. He moved to Las Vegas in 2018. Jeff joined the Affordable Striping & Sealing family in 2018. He has been a Sales Account Manager since 2001 when he started in the industry. One of the biggest projects he has worked on was the Bridgeport Market Center in Valencia, CA. Jeff previously worked in the automotive industry for 20 years. Jeff has three siblings that all live in Southern California. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, hiking, boating and loves everything about planes. Jeff enjoys salmon fishing in Alaska. One fun fishing trip was sailfish fishing in Costa Rica, 120 lb. fish, catch and release. Jeff’s favorite vacation spot is Pismo Beach and he is looking forward to backpacking around Europe one day.

Business Development Specialist – Elizabeth (Lizzie) F Unger

Lizzie was born and raised right here in Las Vegas. She joined the Affordable Striping & Sealing family in 2018. Networking and connecting with people is something that has always come easy to Lizzie. Lizzie has had the opportunity to do some extensive traveling with her family and would love the opportunity to visit Italy again. Traveling specifically to Tuscany and Greece are still on her bucket list. Lizzie enjoys hiking just about everywhere and Mt. Charleston is her favorite local hiking spot. She enjoys working out and goes to the gym for stress relief and fun. Lizzie is a very talented bartender and makes the best raspberry kamikaze. Lizzie’s biggest project to date is her wedding scheduled for later this year. She has a large family that she is close to and likes visiting with them. One thing that most people don’t know about Lizzie is that she enjoys singing.

Sign Shop Manager – Georganna R Williams (Georg)

Georg was born in San Diego, California. She moved to the Las Vegas area in 2005 when she opened her own sign shop. In 2018, A Sign Above and Affordable Striping & Sealing merged. One of the biggest projects that Georg has worked on is the RTC Bus signs. Her biggest accomplishments in life are her children and grandchildren; she has 2 sons, 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson. (She also likes doing cartwheels and will do them if there is room, just because she can.) Georg can currently be found working on a project near and dear to her heart, uniting the churches of Las Vegas. Her favorite weekend activities are going to church, being entertained by her dog and cat, as well as visiting her family. She loves to visit her favorite spot of San Diego and it is a plus that her parents still live there. Georg’s dream is to have the chance to visit Israel.

The Kids!

Meet Dalyn, Hayden, and Kaysen, the daughters of Shonda Decker. Affordable Striping and Sealing is a family oriented company, and our principle puts family at the center and focuses on their values, strengths, and relationships.

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Bonnie is touring the Durango property today and we just wanted to reach out and let you know that the crew did an excellent job with the parking lot project!  Thank you all for bearing with us and the tenant challenges.  We greatly appreciated you patience and cooperation on this! Thanks again for a great job!

Lori Turner
MDL Group
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