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Affordable Striping & Sealing – Top Contractor 2019 for Sealcoating and Striping!

It is always nice to be recognized for the quality of your work, especially when the recognition comes from a source within your own industry. Affordable Striping & Sealing is pleased to announce that we have been included by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction on two of the magazine’s Top Contractor lists for 2019 in the categories of striping and sealcoating. Only 50 companies from all across America were named to each list, so we are thrilled to have been so honored.

Affordable Striping — Top Contractor 2019 for Sealcoating and Striping!

Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction is the official magazine of the National Pavement Expo, the only trade show devoted to professionals in the paving and pavement maintenance industry. Since 1985, paving, pavement repair, sealcoating, pavement sweeping, and striping contractors have relied on the magazine for helpful advice on enhancing and expanding their services.

Top contractor lists are compiled from surveys received by the magazine between January 1 and April 23 of each year. These surveys require the inclusion of some specific information, and if the information is not provided, the surveys are rejected. In addition, certain information requires verification by a third party. The information collected allows the magazine to select the contractors to include on the lists, but it also provides data that can be used to shed some valuable industry insights.

For example, when the magazine was launched, it was common for contractors to offer just one service. There were contractors who only applied sealcoating, paved, striped parking lots or offered sweeping services. In recent years, contractors have become more diversified. Only one contractor appearing on the 2019 list for striping offered only striping services, and no contractor appearing on the other lists offered just the service for which they were named. The surveys revealed that the average contractor’s business was comprised of the following mix of services: 33% paving, 24% sealcoating, 20% striping, 12% repair, 3% sweeping and 8% miscellaneous. The average contractor’s customer base consisted primarily of commercial clients, municipalities, multifamily properties and single-family residences. About 64% of the average contractor’s time was spent working on parking lots, and work performed on streets and highways accounted for about 20% of the contractor’s time.

In some statistical categories, Affordable Striping & Sealing does not fit the profile of the average contractor. For example, we do not pave, but the average company devoted 33% of its business to paving. We also perform about twice as much work for municipalities as the average contractor appearing on the magazine’s sealcoating and striping lists. In addition, we spend about 35% of our time working on streets and roads. We have always believed in doing things a bit differently, so we are not surprised by these findings. After all, we have never had any desire to settle for being average. Instead, we have always sought to build lasting customer relationships by maintaining the highest standards of excellence, exceeding expectations, and demonstrating our commitment to our customers as well as our community and our employees.

We offer a variety of popular services, including sealcoating, asphalt crack repairs, parking lot striping and pavement marking, traffic signs, road markings, bumper blocks, and parking lot layout and design. If you want to learn for yourself how we have earned our exemplary reputation, contact us for a free quote. You can reach us through our online form or at 702-222-9009.

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Affordable Team,

Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate how quick you started are warehouse parking lot!
It already looks great…cant wait to see it completed!
Again thank you for the fast great service!
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