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Fish Stencil Pavement Markings, Bass Pro Shops


Fish Stencil Pavement Markings, Bass Pro Shops

A wonderful job at Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas, NV.  It included 20,000 lineal feet of repainting stripes and the replacement of existing Fish Stencil Pavement Markings.  There was also 3195 lineal feet of red curbs, 12 handicap stencils, repainted 20 arrow stencils and repainting of (50) 24 stop bars.  The fish stencil pavement markings, Bass Pro Shops, has caught lots of attention!

Fish Stencil Pavement Markings, Bass Pro Shops

We are very proud of our work at the Bass Pro Shops.  Why?  Because parking lot is one of the first things your patrons see when they pull onto your property. Parking lots that are properly laid-out and painted create a sense of safety and organization for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. High quality parking lot striping also says that you care about the details and creating a good experience for both cars and pedestrians.

To properly maintain your parking lot, stripes and markings need to be restriped every 1 to 2 years. The frequency of restriping depends partly on the amount of wear and tear made by people driving on the asphalt, water exposure, condition of the asphalt and the frequency of maintenance visits.

Affordable Striping & Sealing specialize in parking lot striping and pavement markings in Las Vegas and throughout the surrounding area. We offer the same high quality product and customer service on all sized properties. We use state of the art pavement marking equipment and the highest quality paint and products on the market. We only use oil based, high quality, high VOC traffic paint. The supreme quality of this paint is far superior to that of latex paints.

We are an asphalt maintenace and striping company in Las Vegas, NV owned and operated by Shonda Decker. Shonda has lived in Las Vegas for over 22 years and is passionate about making a difference in the construction industry. Her approach in estimating a job is, “What would I do if I owned this property?” Shonda’s commitment to excellence and 100% customer satisfaction has positioned Affordable Striping & Sealing as one of Southern Nevada’s premier asphalt maintenance companies.

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I am extremely impressed at the job that Affordable’s team did in Turning Point this week. The crews arrived exactly on time, they did meticulous prep work, seamless sealcoating application and perfect striping and stenciling.

Thanks to all for a job that exceeded expectations. Turning Point looks like a brand-new community and has finally gotten her shine back after months of work on the gas lines.

Beth Evins
Turning Point
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